«Building, repairing, adjusting, carving and engraving of quality firearms» Matti 

Matti Fine Arms is proud to offer professional high quality work and service, for always-honest prices. Because of our great know how accumulated in gun making and gun repair over more than 30 years of experience, we are able to execute some of the most difficult jobs. Most of our work has a turn around time of 2 to 8 weeks (check up, cleaning and general gun repair). But the time required to do work on a badly maintained and neglected Firearm, or if we have to order parts the turn around time can be quit a bit longer. The other cause for delay can be due to international shipping restrictions. A definite estimate can only be made after a close physical inspection of the firearm in question. For work not mentioned in this pricelist, do not hesitate to contact us. It will be our pleasure quotes you a price.

Field cleaning
    Fieldstrip only, interior of barrel, wood and metal, on the outside only. Could be done by the owner
    From Can. $ 60.00

Complete cleaning
    Complete disassembly. Cleaning and verifying all parts. Reassembly and test fire. Ammunition not included
    At the same time, make suggestions to the customer to put the firearm in as new condition. 
    From Can. $ 90.00


Long forcing cone    
     None chromed barrel each.    From Can. $ 120.00

Mobil-choke installation
    Colonial True-choke, Thin-wall, True-lock, Win. Rem. Accu-choke etc.
    None chromed barrel only. Choke tubes not included 
   From Can. $250.00

Special: Long forcing cone and Mobil choke installation
    Blue and black browning not included. Choke tubes not included
    Per barrel, from Can. $180.00 

Install, solder or repair solid or ventilated ribs. 
    Put single or double barrels on face and other specialized work please inquire. By the hour only
    From Can. $60.00

Making of a Flat V spring
    By forging, filing, hardening, calibrating and adjusting, 
    From Can. $ 200.00


Preliminary Bore-sighting and adjusting of telescopes and sights
    From 40.00 $ Can
Test fire and verify the precision of a firearm at shooting range
    From 40.00 $ Can
Check headspace
    From 40.00 $ Can
Install and chamber a pre-treaded and pre-chambered barrel on a bolt-action rifle
    Barrel, tooling and re-blue not included
    From 240.00 $ Can
Install and chamber a non-treaded and non-chambered barrel on a bolt-action rifle or other
   Barrel, tooling and re-blue not included
    From 360.00 $ Can
Lap in new barrel
    From 180.00 $ Can
Cut and crown muzzle of barrel
    From 90.00 $ Can
Lap the locking lugs in a Bolt Action receiver
    From 60.00 $ Can
Face the front of a Bolt Action receiver
    From 60.00 $ Can
Install (weld or forge) a new Bolt Handel
    From 60.00 $ Can

NOTE All other work by the hour only, please does not hesitate to call us.


Hot blue
    Hunter finish
    All rust and grime chemically removed, followed by a very light polish. The most popular finish here in Quebec.
    From 275.00 $ Can
    Deluxe finish
    A Browning quality finish, especially for the discriminating Gun owner. This work takes more knowhow and experience.
    The standard finish of MATTI FINE ARMS.
    From 350.00 $ Can

Rust blueing (Browning, black browning) 

This is the traditional finish of the old European Masters and a must on soft soldered guns like side by sides, superposed shotguns and express rifles. This finish gives the best protection against rust and abrasion and is the best of all types of black oxide blueing techniques. It necessitates great patience and meticulous work. After polishing the metal is degreased and boiled in clean water then coated with blueing solution. Thereafter it is put away to rust for about 24 hours, boiled again, scratched. Depending steel and environmental conditions, this cycle is repeated 8-12 times. It takes about 15 minutes to explain, but takes the better of 10 years to perfect.
From 450.00 $ Can
Rusted Firearms: Extra Filing and polishing will be charged by the hour.    Minimum charge is 60.00 $ Can


Traditional oil finish (satin or semi-gloss)
    From 275.00 $ Can
High-gloss finish (Belgian Browning)
    Varnish based hand rubbed finish. 16 to 20 coats
    From 350.00 $ Can
Re-cut checkering
    Per panel   From 120.00 $ Can
New checkering
    Per panel   From 240.00 $ Can 
Glass and pillar bedding gunstocks 
    Acra-gel, Devcon and others.    From 125.00 $ Can
Recoil pad installation - finished stock
    Pad not included.  From 60.00 $ Can
Recoil pad installation - unfinished stock
    Pad not included.  From 40.00 $ Can
Installation of exotic wood - end tip
    Wood not included. From 80.00 $ Can
Installation of exotic wood - pistol grip cap
    Wood not included. From 80.00 $ Can
Inletting of semi-finished gun stock
    Wood, finish and checkering not included   From 400.00 $ Can

Custom made gun stock –made from a blank

    Wood and accessories not included.
    It comes with a choice of a hand rubbed oil finish, or a high gloss finish. 
    In general, it takes about 3-4 fitting sessions.
    From 2400.00 $ Can
Gunstock wood blanks
    From classic to the most exceptional wood:
    Standard – Semi Deluxe - Deluxe – Grand Deluxe – Special Selection
    Great quality woods in stock: Turkish walnut, French walnut, American-Black
    walnut, Claro and Californian-English walnut
    See Catalog >>
   Price on request

Gunstock carving by Fritz Matti
    Game heads, game scenes, Moose, Elk, Deer, Bear and others. 
    See Gallery >>
   Price on request

Engraving by Paul Dubois Renowned Belgian Master Engraver
    Hunting scenes, scrolls, Gold and precious metal work.
    Custom creation.
Engraving by Christian Lemieux  Canadian Gunsmith Engraver
    Graduate of Liège, Belgium. 
    Game scenes, scrolls. Custom-Creation.
    See Gallery >>   Price on request

Service charges
Minimum charge  60.00 $ Can
Man hour   60.00 $ Can
Man & machine hour   90.00 $ Can
Evaluations or Written estimates, from    Ã€ partir de 125.00 $ Can


All our prices are based on labor only. Materials, parts and accessories needed, also all transport and import charges are not included. All prices are subject to change without notice.

Dependant their complexity, wood and metal restorations can take from 3-12 month. A custom rifle or custom shotgun can take anywhere from 150 – 400 hours or more too complete. Since the event of September 11th long delays and special import charges for firearms, gun parts and accessories became simply fact and can take sometimes 6-12 month.


We refuse all work, projects and modifications that can render a firearm unsafe, dangerous or illegal. Since the imposition of the law C-68 we cannot accept any none registered firearm. A clear copy of the Registration Certificate and the owners Possession & Acquisition Firearms Licence has to be with the firearm at all times, without any exception.

C.P. 73, Blue Sea, Québec, J0X 1C0, CANADA
Tél. / Fax. 819-463-0075   Mail. info@mattiarms.com

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