« Custom gunmaker by passion, perfecting the art of shooting and hunting...» Matti 

Matti Fine Arms was founded 1974 by Fritz Matti, supported by his wife and partner Jutta. The business started with a liaison of 10 years as sub-contractors for Browning Canada Ltd. Until 1979, the principal activities where the restoration of wood and metal, for example: Gunstock finishing, checkering and gunstock carving, adjustment and gun repairs. Also metal finishing, black- browning (slow rust bluing) and all that comes with it, was done by Matti Fine Arms.

In 1979, the business opened in Dunham, Quebec, where besides the complete gunsmith operation one could find a gun room, archery and accessories for shooting and hunting. On the side Fritz Matti signed a contract with the Noranda Research Center to conceptualize and build a prototype, a three-dimensional in situ stress-measuring instrument for mining safety. This endeavour greatly advanced his conceptualization and manufacturing skills. Noranda patented the mechanical part of the instrument.

In 1992 Fritz Matti was asked to help to reopen the only Canadian full time gun repair course, in Maniwaki, Quebec. Since then he teaches his passion for fine arms, besides working in his shop in Blue Sea Quebec, where he continues to serve his clients with over 30 years of experience under the name Matti Fine Arms.

Fritz Matti was born 1942 in Basel, Switzerland. From his youth he was passionate about target shooting and firearms, which was easy in a country rich in history, where target shooting is practically a national sport. Taking French commercial studies in Neuchâtel, NE. and apprenticed thereafter as printer in Basel, in the tradition of Gutenberg, simultaneously he studied graphical arts where he developed a talent for design. His father Fritz Matti Sr. Businessman, master mechanic, cantonal expert examiner for apprentices and federal examiner for master mechanics, transmitted his mechanical instruction and training to him.

A deep desire for adventure and to see the world made him decide to immigrate 1966 to Canada. He settled down in Montreal, Quebec where he met his wife and future partner Jutta. His great passion for firearms, target shooting, hunting and fishing but also his passion for design, woodcarving and metal engraving made him look for a new profession as a gunsmith. Autodidact he bought all the books he could and studied for three years and worked tireless on personal and other projects to perfect himself more and more. By diverse circumstances and contacts he was offered to do all the wood and metal finishing, restoration of the finer grades, checkering, gunstock, gun repair and adjustments for Browning Canada Ltd. In 1974 he launches his business together with his wife and partner Jutta.

C.P. 73, Blue Sea, Québec, J0X 1C0, CANADA
Tél. / Fax. 819-463-0075   Mail. info@mattiarms.com

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