« A tradition of excellence in the adjustment and making of fine custom guns and rifles...» Matti 

To realize his dream in the material dimension is what motivates the artisan to create, to outdo himself in his work. Through wood and metal, the custom gunmaker follows the same line. Always in a simple and singular way he forms, he harmonizes beauty. To balance weakness and strength, fragility with density and brings them into equilibrium with the wanted function.

Because we know that a shotgun or rifle is more than just a tool, it is rather like a dog, an inseparable partner of a successful hunt. Because we recognize the importance and the fruits of the work of generations before, you will find at Matti Arms the same tradition of excellence which translates into a firearm that is precise and elegant, practical and functional, therefore on top of all situations.

In service of quality firearms since 1974,

Fritz Matti, Custom Gunmaker
MATTI Arms, since 1974
Master gunsmith specialized in making and adjustments of custom guns.
Restoration, repair, finishing and sale of fine arms.

C.P. 73, Blue Sea, Québec, J0X 1C0, CANADA
Tél. 819-463-0075  

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